Car Wheel Chock Block (2 Pack)

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. High-quality material and high-strength metal for not easy to break. Sturdy and durable, so it is a good anti-skid stopper to prevent the car body from landslide.
. Small size, light weight, easy to carry, can be placed in your car, does not take up space in the vehicle.
. Size is about .5*.*9.4cm/5.*5.0*.70in. With the reasonable slope, the stopper is suitable for large and small vehicles.
4. Foldable design; easy to install and easy to use.
5. It is suitable for slope parking, cargo stop, car stop, etc. To prevent slippage and is convenient for repairing vehicles or loading/unloading items, or used when parking or changing tires.
Name: Tire Stopper
Color: black�yellow
Material: metal
Size: about .5*.*9.4cm/5.*5.0*.70in
Use: car tires, cargo sliding stop support
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